Pre-order Policy

IMPORTANT: Please submit Pre-Order individually, separated from In-Stock Orders


“Pre-order” is an upcoming product available for purchase but is neither yet in stock nor released by the manufacturer for delivery until a specified future date. Pre-order is prioritized, so you will be the first group to receive newly released products. Pre-ordering generally guarantees you receive an item when only limited quantities are available. Normally, no payment is required until the item is received at warehouse and ready for ship.

Pre-Order Closing Date:

Pre-Order closing date is the last day we can send our order to manufacturer or supplier. Sometimes, pre-order page may be closed earlier, due to limited availability, manufacturer's request or other unpredictable factors.

Pre-Order Releasing Date:

The pre-order releasing date is an estimated day that the item will be released by manufacturer or supplier. Sometimes, there may be delay. Products may arrive later than the announced releasing date. 

Changes to Pre-Order Product Specifications:

The pre-order product specifications may be changed without announcement from manufacturer before the product is released. If we get notified, we will email you regarding the changes. And we may accept cancellation due to such changes.

Pre-Order Cancellation:

Pre-order can be cancelled at any time prior to their arrival at our warehouse. You can simply cancel your pre-order from your order history.

If there is a Non-Refundable Down Payment required for your pre-order, please keep in mind that your Non-Refundable Dow Payment will not be refunded after cancellation.

Arrival Notices:

When the item is arrived at our warehouse, an arrival notice will be sent to your email. Along with email, there will be a link for payment.

Pre-Order Payment:

No payment is generally required for pre-order placement until the item is arrived at our warehouse, unless there is a Non-Refundable Down Payment required.

When the item is arrived at our warehouse and ready for ship, we will email you a link to make payment. All payments needed to be cleared before your pre-order item is shipped. Normally, payment needs to be completed within 5 business days after email is sent. 

Non-Refundable Down Payments:

For some expensive or customized items, a Non-Refundable Down Payment may be required at time of pre-order placement. You must agree to pay such Non-Refundable Down Payment when placing such pre-order. Please take this in your mind, this Non-Refundable Down Payment will NOT be refunded, if you cancel your pre-order after placement.

Pre-Order Shipping:

Pre-order shipping cost is an estimate, at the time of pre-order placement, not the actual amount charged by shipping carrier. The actual shipping cost will be notified you along with the item arrival notice email. We will try our best to provide most affordable shipping options for our customers.

Pre-Order Fulfillment:

New arrival of Pre-Order items is generally assumed the same handling time of 2 – 3 business days, as our standard shipping policy, after payment and shipping costs are received.

Pre-Order Abuse:

We believe that all customers are honest, thus, we implement friendly Pre-Order Policy, which no payment is necessary at time of pre-order placement. However, a very minority of customers abuse our system by pre-ordering many items they never intend to purchase and make payment in future. 

If our system shows that a customer is abusing us, we may require a Non-Refundable Down Payment or Full Payment for Pre-Orders placed by that customer.

If you have any questions or concerns of your pre-order items, or would like more information, please contact us at:


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